A Ministry of Life by Love, Faith and Hope A Ministry of Life by Love, Faith and Hope

The Just live by LOVE

God wants to make a covenant of love with you..just like He made a covenant of love with his people in the Old Testament.  Both John and Paul in the New Testament emphasize the most important quality to God is LOVE

Jesus emphasizes the importance of love by making it His new commandment and saying you inherit eternal life by loving God. Lk 17:25-28.   

 God cares for you, and for your soul, which will exist after you die. God wants you to experience all of His joy and goodness forever.

What is Love?

In the Bible, it is a professional ethic. It is a spiritual condition and moral that grows in you, along with faith and hope, as you give your all to God, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  The first step is to obey His call.  The seed of growth is planted when you believe and accept Him as the LORD of your life.  This includes worship, a relationship with the Holy Spirit, and proclaiming God's good news of eternal life.