Choose God's Paradigm of LIFE God's Life Factor

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Table of Contents

Purpose and Content

Section 1 – God’s Life Factor

The Just Shall Live by Hope (Trust)

The Just Shall Live by Faith

The Just Shall Live by Love

Biblical Contexts

The Just Shall Live! – God’s Life Factor

Section 2 – The Omnivita Paradigm in the Bible

Old Testament – Genesis to Malachi

New Testament – Matthew to Revelation

Section 3 - The Implications for the World

Ideology – Thinking Life versus “Good and Evil”

Social – Schools and Flocks of Single minded Life

    Legal – Good Constitutions or Laws of Life

    Political – Democracies of Death v Life-giving Government

    Financial – Trees of Life and the Death of the Piggy Bank

    Educational – Learning for Life or Curriculums of Death

    Religious – The Worship of the Living God

Choose God’s paradigm of LIFE

Press Release

Life-changing explosive revelation of the heart of God; His hope and desire for mankind’s happiness and well-being through Love, Faith and Hope.

This is a handbook on God’s idea of life in the Bible, the world and in each person. It emphasises His preferred option of living by love, faith and hope. The concept is the product of two verses in the Bible: “The just shall live by faith (Hab 2:4) and “Now these three remain, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor 13:13). Special reference to the original words in the Greek and the Hebrew of the Old and New Testament reveals these three as consistently as consistently taught together throughout the Bible in the context of life.

The vision is to clarify God’s intent; a shift from “good and evil” to being “life-giving.” The concept is relevant for colleges, schools, universities, churches, media, politics, and preaching.

The first part of this book is also offered s a booklet “God’s Life Factor” which introduces this notion. The book is about the right factor - The Life factor. A New attribute of God is suggested that He is “Omnivita”.- All Life. With reference to the life of Abraham, gardens, and illustrations from around the world, the book discloses the paradigm of life from God for man, the church, and the world.  Back cover

Section 4 – The Choice of Life

Life-explosive Individuals Choose Life

    “NASA” and the Great Deception

    A Prayer for God’s Paradigm of Life

Section 5 – The Words of the Paradigm

    The Words of Life: Building the Paradigm

    The Paradigm Language of Life

   The Paradigm Language of Love

   A Paradigm of Faithful Words

   A Paradigm of Hope, Trust and Great


Section 6 - A Concordance of Love, Faith and

Hope Words

Section 7 – Bibliography