A Ministry of Life by Love, Faith and Hope A Ministry of Life by Love, Faith and Hope

The Just live by Faith (Faithfulness) Habbakuk 2:4

There is a supernatural faith. It is a belief in the God of Israel, evidenced in the bible. Accepting the truth of God, Jesus his son, and the work of the Holy Spirit, releases the probability of miracles and power and joy into your life. So is Faith that important?  The real English word in Habakkuk 2:4 should be faithfulness. But Moses used the word faith and Jesus said faith in God caused miracles! Jesus leaves us in no doubt that faith is hugely significant to God and rightly so.  God wants you to desire and experience all of his supernatural grace and gifting. However, the unbalanced emphasis on faith, without love, Godly hope or life has lead the westernised Christian church down a path of lustful faith - liberation - freedom - democracy - capitalism - profiteering - exploitation - and now the new world order.  God wants you to experience all the supernatural power of HIS life-giving faith working through you, mind, heart, strength and soul