A Ministry of Life by Love, Faith and Hope A Ministry of Life by Love, Faith and Hope

Hi. My name is Alex Coetzee, and my life is a story of God’s blessings. I am an ordained minister and qualified teacher.

Born in Zimbabwe,  I have also lived and worked in South Africa, Mozambique, and the United Kingdom.

I met my wife Vicky in Mutare, Zimbabwe where we also married in 1992. We have two children, and one grandchild.

 My wife Vicky and I, have organised and been on mission assignments with VCI (Victory Churches International) to India, Thailand, Malawi and Zambia. We currently reside in England.  

My English is flavoured with Afrikaans, garnished with Shona and Portuguese, and decorated with a hint of the Yorkshire dialect. I know this because Vicky tells me to talk properly whenever I use the local UK Yorkshire phrase “in’it”.

God showed me a paradigm in the Bible in 1994, during a 40 day fast. That is the life of God is by LOVE, FAITH and HOPE.

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