The Omnivita Paradigm = The Just shall LIVE by love, faith and hope.
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Victory Church Leeds

Victory Church in Leeds was founded over ten years ago.  It has run a school, funded mission trips, and trained leaders who now pastor other churches.  Pastor John and Rosemary Foster are the Pastors.


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Victory Churches International

Dr George and Hazel Hill started the first Victory Church in 1979, in Canada.  In just 30 years it has grown into a world wide  community of dynamic churches.  Though VCI Is a Church planting movement, orphanages, bible colleges and TV broadcasting stations are also part of the ministry.  This is in order to reach all people in every possible way, teach them, and mobilise them for action in God’s kingdom.  


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May God bless


you and fill you with His life


In Jesus Name - free


no interest, no charges, no tax, and


no banks.

“Choose God’s Paradigm of Life”. Deut 30:19

“I set before you life and death ... choose life ... that you may live”

The handbook 'Choose God’s Paradigm of Life' reveals evidence for

10 January 2014


We don’t know who buried Lazarus

(… but we know who raised him to life.)

John 11 - I am the resurrection and the life.


It must have been amazing to see a dead Lazarus come walking out of his grave. To hear

Science News - Most people will be convinced there is a “higgs boson” particle...I’m not so sure

Health News -  Your body is an “alkaline” system and those chocolate acids may be giving you more than you bargained for. Get a free copy of acid and alkaline foods here

Banks Investigation -  Humour.

There is a new definition for a hedgehog; it is someone who runs a “hedge fund” or is it a “hog fund”?.

So who had their eye on the CO-OP BANK and wanted to take it over?