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“Choose God’s Paradigm of Life”. Deut 30:19“I set before you life and death ... choose life ... that you may live” The handbook 'Choose God’s Paradigm of Life' and booklet God’s Life Factor reveals evidence for ... more

Prayer for the UK and Britain ...

Please pray for Britain and the UK. This time is a time to pray for the United Kingdom to stand by the symbols of its national identity. The English flag and the Flag of Britain, as well as London contain the Christian Cross of St George. Not only that but in the English national anthem the first three lines are dedicated to God and that HE would SAVE the queen. Perhaps the song is actually prophetic. Written hundreds of years ago there is no time like now for God not only to “save the queen” but also to save this London, Britain, and the world

Supernatural hope in a minute

God has a wonderful hope for your life. He really does want you to “get your hopes up”. In the Old Testament the LORD is always the HOPE of Israel. Paul calls God, a God of Hope….Read more..

Supernatural love in a minute.

God wants to make a covenant of love with you..just like He made a covenant of love with his people ..God wants you to experience all of His joy and goodness forever.

Read more …

Supernatural faith in a minute

There is a supernatural faith. It is a belief in the God of Israel, evidenced in the bible. Accepting the truth of God, Jesus his son, and the work of the Holy Spirit, releases the probability of miracles and power and joy into your life…read more..