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God’s Life Factor


Love, Faith and Hope are central messages of the Bible. Alex Coetzee expresses his belief that all three are needed in equal balance if we are to experience the richness of life that God intended for us.

This booklet is the forerunner of the book “Choose God’s Paradigm of Life.”, which is the result of years of pondering the statement, “Now these three remain love, faith and hope, but the greatest is love.” (1 Cor 13:13). An indepth study of the Bible reveals these three to be consistently taught together in the context of life. Here, Alex documents the right factor; Life Factor. Following the journey of Abraham’s life, and using analogies from everyday life it reveals how to with Life Factor, as opposed to X Factor.  A new attribute of God is suggested; that He is Omnivita or All Life. Contexts are revealed for this both in the Old and New Testament with relevant Hebrew and Greek words.

The authors earnest desire is that all mankind understand and experience the magnificent tree of life that God offers all who believe in Him and in His son Jesus. That all may live God’s paradigm of life.  Back cover

Table of Contents

Purpose and Content

Mini Concordance

Gardens of Life

Path One – The Just Shall Live by Hope (Trust)

Abraham’s Hope

Path Two – The Just Shall Live by Faith

Lustful Faith

Life-giving Faith

Abraham’s Faith

Path Three – The Just Shall Live by Love

Abraham’s Love

Biblical Contexts

The Old Testament

The New Testament

The Just Shall Live! – God’s Life Factor

Abraham’s Life Factor

God’s Life Factor and the Omnivita Paradigm

The Implications

Would You Like to Respond to God and Enjoy His Eternal Life?

‘Behold, I Live!’

Choose God’s Paradigm of Life