Ring bark Africa with a message of LIFE by LOVE,, FAITH and HOPE.

One of the ways we believe God wants to do this is through Africa. Everything precious in the world comes from Africa.  believe God wants to use Southern Africa not only to fund world evangelism and missions, but as a font of life for the world. This will require the loving life giving synergy of many different people, churches, and nations, blessing God and His people, including Israel, through His son Jesus Christ (aka Yeshua HaMashiach)


The vision of lifeexplosion is to promote a message of LIFE by LOVE, FAITH and HOPE in such a way as to “make disciples of “nations””. We work with our churches using every available means, initially through the Internet.

We also promote a message of LIFE Theologically, politically, scientifically and socially.

Victory church Zambia registered 2014, first Bible college graduates 2017. Next visit 2018.