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“Choose God’s Paradigm of Life”. Deut 30:19

“I set before you life and death ... choose life ... that you may live”

The handbook 'Choose God’s Paradigm of Life' reveals evidence for God’s idea of life in the Bible and considers its application personally and to the world we live in. The concept is the product of two verses in the Bible; “The just shall live by faith (Hab 2:4) and 'Now these three remain: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” (1Cor.13:13). Years of investigating the statement “The just live by love, faith and hope”, with special reference to the original words in the Greek and Hebrew of the Old and New Testament has revealed these three ideas are consistently taught together throughout the bible in the context of life

We invite ALL God’s people to pray for a revelation of His gospel and Life to spread far and wide into all the world. God’s people need His vision for life in the world. This message is explained in the Booklet God’s Life Factor, and the Handbook “Choose God’s Paradigm of Life.” Be blessed and encouraged