Choose God's Paradigm of LIFE God's Life Factor

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BACK COVER - A great tool for Bible studies, Charities, and any form of teaching about the aspects of Life in God.  

This book introduces God’s life factor…

 - The life-giving ways of God - His formula or model for life.   

  - What love really means, and why it is foundational to God’s Kingdom.

 - The life-creative faith that pleases God.  

  - The scope and power of God’s hope for your life.

 - The secret of Romans chapter 5.  

  - Why your LIFE factor is more important than your X factor.

Along the way you will discover what strawberries, mustard, and mezuzah’s have in common, visit a Greek place of refuge, called “elpizo”, accompany Abraham on his journey to an uncomfortable Pharaoh, and then a happily healed Philistine, find out how Moses met true love, and, while with Paul and the Romans, keep your balance and dignity without having to say ouch!  

BACK COVER - A Paradigm is a pattern, model, formula or recipe that can be used for many things. God has a paradigm of life formulated through the language of the Bible. It is a special combination of words and values that produce life and are reflected in life. This is the paradigm God uses for His creation on earth and in heaven. It is a paradigm of total everlasting life or an Omnivita Paradigm.

This book introduces this paradigm. It considers the following

1. That God’s people are justified by love, faith and hope. (It is not by faith alone).

2. The implications of such a paradigm for our world.

3. The choice of life before every man, woman and child.

4. The paradigm as it can be reflected in each book of the Bible

5. A study of the words and spiritual values of the paradigm

6. A concordance of love, faith and hope words showing contexts where two or more of them appear together throughout the Bible.

7. A prayer to choose God’s life, based on Romans chapter 5.

Along the way you will tour the world of the weird, wonderful, and the totally outrageous. From Nigeria to China, and Russia to South Africa you’ll discover everything from pyramids to football, and Psalms to “hey Jude.” Enjoy.